Are Removalists Qualified or Accredited?

As a client, it is our priority to get the kind of services to a high standard. In Australia, most removalist companies are accredited with the Australian Furniture Removals Association. It is one of the most important things to check if you are looking for a reliable removalist firm for your pending move. Once you have verified that they are under the accreditation of the most trusted organization, you will have the guarantee that the movers you will choose are qualified to do the job.

You will get the assurance that the removalist firm is equipped with Public Liability Insurance as well as Transit Insurance for your belongings. Some companies would neglect to be a part of the association, and you have to be careful with that. If the moving company is not part of AFRA, you don’t have the guarantee that their employees went through different training programs that will make them provide a better customer satisfaction.

There are a lot of moving companies who are said to be qualified to do the job just because they have all the tools needed to pull off a job. It should not be the basis when you choose the right removalist for your move because you should opt for movers who are also accredited to make sure that you will be able to get all the benefits as their customer. You and your things should be protected. A company that has an accreditation also gets numerous updates about the latest technology used in the industry. Aside from that, they are also well informed if there are any changes in the moving policies mandated by the government.

A company with an accreditation is also a firm that follows a specific code of conduct every time they have a job. The facilities they have should also comply with all the regulation to guarantee customer protection. Many companies are capable of moving things around, but only the removalists that are part of AFRA will give you the peace of mind that your things will arrive at your doorsteps on the agreed date and time. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry if the company you will hire is accredited because everything will be well documented as proof of all your agreement. From the contract down to the inventory documentation will be provided. If ever you have any issues with the move, all complaints and problems will be addressed immediately. It will not just be acknowledge because a resolution will immediately take place.

If you are a homeowner looking for qualified people to make the move, always trust a moving company with the right accreditation to ensure your consumer rights. Don’t just trust any removalist firms in an instant. Make sure that the first thing you will request is a copy of their certification before you discuss any terms of the services that you want to acquire. It is highly recommended to check the Australian Furniture Removers Association site to find out the most reliable companies you can hire to move the things you have.